What's Your Humbition?

Now well into the New Year, likely it is that you've achieved some of your goals or established habits which help you eventually realize goals you set approximately a month ago. This demonstrates your ambition! What balances ambition is humility and your ability to be humble...which together equals humbition!

Urban Dictionary fans can find 'humbition' in the Urban Dictionary. The origin of the word stems from the corporate world where successful business leaders have recognized the importance of leadership and the link to humility. A good leader is confident, yes, but not arrogant. Great leaders understand that in order for others to follow willingly to achieve a goal, they have to feel valued and as a part of a team.

Imagine that as a unit leader, you wanted to accomplish the task of assuring that your unit was well prepared for a uniform inspection. The best way to go about passing a uniform inspection is to work together as a team. If you're assigned as the Chief, your responsibility is to assure you have your own uniform squared away in order to establish an example for others. Rather than ordering those in your unit for whom you are responsible the task of preparing for the uniform inspection and expecting perfection, as a humble leader, provide guidance and be open to methods of teaching and coaching recommended by those who serve as a part of your unit as well.

Continue working on your goals and remain confident in your ability to achieve those goals. As in last month's blog remember to cover down and in doing so, mentor those around you and lead with ambition AND HUMILITY! Have and practice HUMBITION and express GRATITUDE to those around you!

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