ATTENTION! Dress Right Dress

Welcome! The intention of this blog is to introduce Navy Rules and Regulation references, provide information on career enhancement and introduce aspects of Navy customs and culture. Establishing a foundational point of reference is vital to career progression and management. Your questions, comments and discussion points are encouraged and vital to the process of continued learning both on the part of the audience, as well as for me, your guide through this process. In order for me to grow as a leader and practice the same philosophies suggested within this forum, I must be open to learning from you.

It's the NEW YEAR! This is a perfect opportunity to reflect on the lessons you've learned from your actions which have resulted in positive and negative outcomes. All positive and negative outcomes create information to be considered in similar situations. Rarely is there permanence to positive or negative actions, there is always an opportunity to gain experience. Replicate what works, change what does not.

Throughout the course of history, military formations on the battlefield have required some adjustment based on victory and loss. In the New Year, consider victories and losses to utilize outcomes and adjust your formation in life. Take time to reflect, adjust your steps and assure you are aligned with individuals who will be a positive influence. Not only in formation is it necessary to DRESS RIGHT DRESS, but as well in life!


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